Builder:Watpac Construction
Value:$4.5 Million



Strategically located in one of the fastest growing regions of Melbourne, the Cardinia Shire Council successfully anticipated the advanced development of that area. This move was done in order to create an innovative and modern workforce. As a state-of-the-art facility, the Cardinia Shire Offices comprises of three levels of office space and multi-purpose facilities on the ground floor. This includes the reception, consultation rooms, customer service areas and retail tenancy. The upper office floors have two distinct zones, which are divided by a central four-level atrium that runs for the whole length of the building and is connected by multiple feature link bridges.


What makes this facility particularly special is its commitment to sustainability by employing environmental best practice. There are a number of unique features, such as its central energy plant with a peak lock-in generator and a focus on natural heating and cooling through an atrium with automated windows. The building also incorporated the use of recycled materials, particularly storm and recycled water, in order to save on financial and environmental costs.


Overall, the project’s goal was to create and facilitate an innovative and modern work force. The design of the building enables the employees to work freely throughout different areas of the facility. There are rooms for brainstorming, analyzing, reading, and discussing with smaller groups as well as presentation rooms. Thus, this new administration building is not just a regular work environment, it is a look into the future.