May 10 2021 0Comment

New Apprentices and ISO Certification

ASI is proud to announce the onboarding of 5 new apprentices. James Young, Casey Fisher, Cooper Hillier, Brodie Marko Krsovic and Trent Rowe. These bright young apprentices will have the opportunity to work on diverse projects with our experienced team of qualified electricians. We will also be providing them with continued support through on-site and [...]
August 19 2018 0Comment

New Energy Solution at Monash University – Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building (BLTB)

Energy storage is going from strength to strength as technology finds better and cheaper ways to do things. ASI Electrics successfully stays at the top of its industry by applying new, innovative solutions to ensure a better outcome. The company is about to install a redT Energy storage system at the Biomedical Learning and Teaching [...]
May 14 2018 0Comment

More Apprenticeships

After committing ourselves to ensuring the future of our industry by offering 10 apprenticeships last month, ASI Electrics has again taken on another draft of apprentices, 8 in all so far in May. This group will be added to the 10 apprentices we took on in April. By doing this, ASI is doing something they [...]
May 14 2018 0Comment

ASI Electrics

ASI Electrics is proud to announce our new intake of electrical apprentices. Our company has always been about delivering services to public and private industry as well as taking a stance on community participation in non-electrical pursuits. ASI prides itself on planning for the future and that means ensuring that the company can continue to […]