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ASI Electrics expands its reach

ASI Electrics Expands its Reach with Strategic Acquisitions in New South Wales and South Australia

ASI Electrics Expands its Reach with Strategic Acquisitions in New South Wales and South Australia

We are thrilled to announce that ASI Electrics has recently completed the acquisition of two esteemed electrical service businesses—Galpern Electrics in New South Wales and ION Electrical in South Australia. This monumental move is not just an expansion of ASI Electrics but also an initiative to better serve our clients in these two states.


Strengthening Our Network

By incorporating Galpern Electrics and ION Electrical into the ASI family, we are bringing decades of local knowledge and expertise under our umbrella. This integration enriches our capabilities and empowers us to offer a wider array of services to our customers.


Shared Services Model: Efficiency Meets Expertise

The new shared services model operated out of our established Melbourne office will streamline operations, consolidate resources, and optimise costs. By utilising central operations, we are able to pass on cost savings to the customers while still offering the same high-quality, reliable services you have come to expect from ASI Electrics.


Increased Market Presence

For the communities in New South Wales and South Australia, the presence of a reputable brand like ASI in your local market brings in a promise of quality and reliability. We adhere to the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, providing you not just services but peace of mind.


Opportunities for Local Talent

The merger will open doors for electrical professionals in these states to be a part of a well-established and respected organisation. Not only does this create job opportunities, but it also enables local talent to grow and develop under the mentorship of industry veterans.


A Win-Win for All

For Customers: The shared services model translates to more cost-effective and efficient solutions.

For Employees: Enhanced training and career advancement opportunities.

For Local Businesses: The entrance of a large player like ASI Electrics creates a ripple effect of quality assurance across the industry.


Future Aspirations

As ASI Electrics embarks on this new journey, our commitment to providing the best electrical services remains steadfast. We believe that our collective knowledge, when shared and combined, will act as a catalyst for innovations in the electrical services industry.


Thank you for your continued trust and support in ASI Electrics. We look forward to serving you better with our expanded network and resources.


For more information, please feel free to reach out to us or further explore our website. 

Warm regards,

The ASI Electrics Team