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Based in Melbourne, South Australia, and New South Wales, ASI Electrics stands as a dynamic, innovative provider specialising in a wide range of electrical solutions for large-scale, complex projects. Our expertise spans not only traditional electrical services but also encompasses advanced technology applications in high voltage electrical and instrumentation, process works, and both greenfield and brownfield projects.

At the core of our operations are our core values of safety, trust, and adaptability, complemented by a strong “make it happen” ethos. This approach has earned us the trust of blue-chip clients across various sectors, including health and education, retail, commercial, residential, industrial, and more. We are known for our ability to provide specialist teams, tailored to the specific needs of each project, ensuring an all-encompassing service range that includes electrical design, turnkey installations, electrical refrigeration, and engineering solutions.

What truly sets ASI Electrics apart is our people—our most valuable asset. We foster a culture that values inclusivity, growth, fairness, and family values, allowing us to assemble specialised teams adept at meeting the diverse requirements of our clientele. Our commitment to building lasting relationships is demonstrated through open communication, ethical practices, and a dedication to exceeding client expectations in every project.

Our focus on continuous improvement and adaptability to evolving industry trends ensures not only technical excellence but also a steadfast commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. Each project we undertake is aligned with our goals of ecological and community engagement, as we strive to build a legacy of trust, excellence, and innovation in the electrical services industry.

  • ASI Electrics expands its reach
    Latest News

    ASI Electrics has recently completed the acquisition of two esteemed electrical service businesses—in New South Wales and in South Australia. This monumental move is not just an expansion of ASI Electrics but also an initiative to better serve our clients in these two states.

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    Why choose us?

    At ASI our project teams are multi-disciplinary, using our combined strength and expertise to provide the best possible outcome for our clients.

  • West Side Place project

    It doesn’t get much bigger than this. Two towers proudly standing 70 and 72 storeys tall sit atop a 10 level Podium.

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